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At Bellezza is Beauty we specialise in managing and maintaining your skin by combining professional advice with advanced ‘hands on’ skin treatments. As a skin therapist, it is our objective to care for your skin by providing you with the necessary steps to maintain beauty and preserve youthfulness.
All products used have been carefully selected to offer you the very best treatments. We use and recommend Algologie France and Fleur De Mer Australia, made with the purest seaweeds to offer you high performance, professional products.
Commit to a treatment package for faster results. I recommend six sessions (one/week) and be rewarded. PRE-Pay for five and get the sixth treatment FREE.

If you are not sure which facial is for you, book in for a 'free' skin consultation, and I will recommend, the best treatments, to get the results you want.



* PRESQUILE plumping facial treatment - 
An expert and professional treatment specifically designed for mature and demanding skin. It combines sensory experience with exceptional efficiency.
  • Plumpled skin
  • Redensified skin
  • Face contours redifined
* VAGUE HYDRA - Replenishing Facial Treatment 
A salon treatment designed for the thirstiest skin  that acts like a wave of freshness on the skin and invigorates the skin like a walk by the sea.
  • Intensely hydrated skin
  • Smoothed facial features
  • Refreshed and rested complexion

A salon treatment designed for age maintainance.


  • Smoothes facial contours
  • Provides high moisturising properties 
  • Plumps and brightens the complexion 

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and try my fabulous NEW VITAMIN C Facial Treatment...

It is great for most skin types. It includes a fabulous tightening action mask that helps to...
quickly provide a more radiant polished skin you will feel a noticeable firmness helps to eliminate sign of facial lines & aging.

While high powered VITAMIN C helps to...
  • increase collagen production
  • lightens dark pigmentation spots
  • provides a powerful anti-oxidant

Vitamin C Facial Treatment 60mins - $120 

Vine Optimal Therapy
The ultimate in skincare pampering, with exceptional results. Using a unique range, to combat free radical damage, which is responsible for premature skin aging.
Includes a  prolonged intensive massage to totally distress tension in shoulder and facial muscles.

Our very popular, extreme facial, gives your skin a complete workout. We use three different mask combined, filled with active ingredients, to oxygenate and stimulate dull skin. Customised to suit your skin's needs. Results you can see.

60mins FROM $86
We aim to re-build and re-educate the skin, by using a combination of specialized products to remineralise and energise the skin to perform its proper functions and enhance the skins natural defence mechanism against aging
All facials Include skin consultation and prescription
  • Re-Mineralising - The first step to give your skin a boost of vitamins and minerals to oxygenate stagnant tissues. 
  • Detoxifying -  Flushes out impurities, infuses nutrients to decongest clogged pores. 
  • Hydrating -    Infuses the skin with moisture. 
  • Repairing -    Repairs damaged skins 
  • Revitalizing -  Maintenance for skin to function at its optimal level.
For skins requiring more intensive treatments for specific and persistent concerns.
Blemish Control Treatment for Oily Skin - Deep cleansing & anti-inflammatory. Using plant extracts with seaweed, zinc and Vita B6 to strengthen the skin.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment - This ‘Shock Treatment’ focuses on the restructuring of collagen & elastin fibers, to provide a virtual ‘lifting’ effect on facial contours.


 – 60min $120

Targets skin hydration levels, plumps up fine lines and wrinkles. For outstanding results regular facials recommended with home care Double Action Collagen Serum.


mproves clarity, hydration and fine lines. Reduces pore size, pigmentation and sun damage. Refines and refreshes the skin. 

For best results a course of 6 treatments is highly recommended and homecare peeling cream. Buy FIVE get SIXTH FREE.

 Enzyme Facial Treatment - 30mins $57
*Prepay Five, get the Sixth FREE  
Homecare - Enzyme Peeling Cream  $68
Fruit Acid Peeling Treatment – 30mins $57  
* Prepay Five, get the Sixth FREE 
Homecare- Fruit Acid Peeling Cream $68
*Prepay 5, get the Sixth FREE
An intensive ‘hands on’   treatment for those skins needing refining. It aids in reducing the effects of sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines. This treatment leaves the skin with polished luminescence.
 *conditions apply. Recommend one a week for 6 weeks.

Stress Therapy Back Massage Treatment 

* Sea salt Scrub - $25
Enjoy an invigorating back exfoliant removed with hot towels then relax for a Devine STRESS THERAPY MASSAGE 
 to soothe and ease tension.



As a child enters puberty, his/her skin will begin to change how it looks and how it behaves, as hormone production increases. The most obvious change is usually the increase of oil on the surface of the skin, which can lead to pimply breakouts or enlarged pores with 'BLACKHEADS'.

For some teens they might notice more uneven skin colour, uneven texture or their skin becoming more flaky or sensitive. How a teen deals with the changes of his/her skin will greatly impact on the condition of their skin in future so it is very important for a teen going through puberty to develop and maintain good skincare habits early.

The earlier the teen begins, the better and the less issues they will have to deal with as they get older. The biggest challenge teens face with their continually changing skin is dealing with spots and pimples. They are self-conscious in general but now with the evolution of the 
'SELFIE' this has become even more so. 

  When a pimple or even a blackhead pops up, a teens first inclination is to squeeze it themselves, however it's very important for them to know that this is definitely the wrong thing to do. SQUEEZING a pimple incorrectly will more often than not results in BACTERIA being pushed further into the skin, causing another spot to appear in a different area of the face. It can also result in skin inflammation causing redness and sensitivity as well as scarring. In the case of a seriously acne skin, the scarring referred to as 'PITTED SCARRING' is a long-term problem that is not at all easy to address.

 As every skin is different and there are different products for different skin types and conditions, it's important that a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL diagnoses a teen skin and prescribes the best products suitable to them. Using the WRONG PRODUCT can cause a whole new set of problems. The skin can become even more clogged, more irritated and more uneven. A good start to a skincare routine is a CLEANSER, EXFOLIATOR, MOISTURISER & SUN PROTECTION. 

Where necessary a  spot treatment or corrector may also be recommended. Not only what's prescribed is different for different skins but how to use them will also be different. How often the teen exfoliates will largely depend on the skin type but will also depend on the ingredients used.

 If you over EXFOLIATE you will again create more problems in the future by aggravating the skin leading to inflamation. Acne sufferers will benefit with products that contain the ingredient SALICYLIC ACID due to the anti-bacterial properties and it's ability to get into the pores to control and scoop out the bacteria. 

At such an early age, it's a good idea to combine your morning moisturising routine with an SPF protection applied after. Teens need to be trained at an early age that unprotected sun exposure will have a detrimental effect on the texture, even skin colour and youthfulness of the skin in the future asUV RAYS are the BIGGEST causes of PREMATURE skin ageing.

  • Wash face morning and night with a cleanser matched to your skin type and immediately after all forms of exercise
  • After cleansing in the morning, moisturise then apply an SPF. At night, apply moisturiser only.
  • As often as recommended, exfoliate with an exfoliator that suits your skin type
  • Don’t squeeze your own pimples
  • Avoid touching your face with unclean hands. Always wash hands before touching your skin or applying product
  • Keep hair clean and away from the face. Oily and unclean hair can contribute to clogging the skin